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Hungary – our last week.

26 Aug

As we wind down our ‘Summer In Hungary’, we were able to spend a couple of days in Szeged this week. ¬†Szeged is a major university town in southern Hungary, located very close to the Romanian border. It was HOT! 100 degrees. We loved the city and met up with our Hungarian teacher from Seattle, AnnaMaria Winters, her brother and mother.

This photo is of the musical clock at the university which celebrates the students and faculty in the figures that you see. 

Here is a YouTube video of the clock.


We are impressed with the buildings and architectural design throughout Hungary, as you can see in the photos below.

Here are photos from the Folk Art Festival in Budapest, held this past week, and which coincided with the Hungarian National Holiday.


Getting ready for Budapest

7 Jul

Leaving on Monday, we are organized, ready and almost packed. We are taking only the amount of clothes that can fit into one carryon suitcase for each of us, two laptops (I will be teaching my online class while in Hungary – Emily will keep up with her authoring and publishing), an iPad, two cameras, photocopies of all of our important documents, cash in euros, florints and dollars, as well as credit and debit cards. We have arranged to be met at the Budapest Airport and taken to our apartment. Emily’s sister, Juliana, will be arriving two days later and will spend two weeks with us, including a side trip to Vienna. And in August, our friends from France, Alain and Roseline, will be with us for a week.