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Lake Balaton

12 Aug

We spent two days at Lake Balaton where it seems as if every Hungarian spends their summer vacation – along with Germans, Czechs, and Slovakians, who find this region to be very affordable and not far from home. There were, literally, thousands of vacationers in Balatonfured, one of the most popular locations on the lake. There is also a wine festival going on with about 30 – 40 booths, like the one pictured above, lining the lakeside. The photo of the booths was taken in the afternoon, but at night this area was overflowing, with few benches/seats available for sitting and enjoying the wine. We were walking around at 9:30 in the evening and the area was “wall to wall” with people and families including children.

We visited a Brass Week and met several Hungarian musicians and heard some excellent students, including a French Horn player from Mercer Island, Washington – see link below.