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7 Aug

We spent two full days in Prague after spending one full day in Bratislava. The first day we went on a 7 hour walking tour which included a boat excursion, lunch, and a bus ride up to the castle on the other side of the Moldau (we walked down). Our guide was excellent – spoke perfect English – and is a doctoral student in history with an emphasis in American Studies!

The next day we took a leisurely walk to the places that we wanted to revisit.

Prague is a beautiful city and the photos are representative of what we saw.┬áThe top photo is of the main square and the astronomical clock tower. The trumpeter in the other photo plays at the beginning of every hour from the very top of the tower. The second photo is of the Charles Bridge across the Moldau – finished at the beginning of the 15th century. There is a panoramic photo of the old town, an architectural image, and another shot from the boat trip.